Which of the following agency gives certification to environmental auditors?

National Registry of Environmental Professionals®® (NREPSM)’s Certified Environmental AuditorSM (CEA) certification is a specialty certification program intended for professionals conducting environmental compliance and risk audits of operating facilities, related equipment and ongoing procedures.

How do you become a Certified Professional environmental Auditor?


Candidate must have four years of relevant experience. Candidate must have performed a minimum of 20 environmental compliance audits for a minimum of 100 days within the four years prior to certification. Of the 100 days, a minimum of 20 days must be conducted on site.

What is the certification for environment friendly Organisation?

GreenPro – Green Product Certification

GreenPro is a mark of guarantee that the product which bears the GreenPro label is environment friendly throughout its life cycle. GreenPro ultimately empowers a customer with the knowledge of the product and steer towards sustainable products.

What is an environmental certification scheme?

An environmental certification scheme is a third-party assessment of your business practices as they relate to environmentalism and sustainability. … By meeting those criteria, you gain the approval and certification of the assessor, which you can then use as a badge of validation for your brand.

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Who can do environmental audit in India?

INDIA is the first country in the world to make environmental audits compulsory. The government of India, by its gazette notification [No. GSR 329 (E)] of March 13, 1992, made it mandatory for all industries to provide annual environmental audit reports of their operations, beginning with 1992-93.

What is CEA certification?

CEA – Certified Environmental AuditorSM is a specialty certification program intended for professionals conducting environmental compliance and risk audits of operating facilities, related equipment and on-going procedures. This certification is recognized by the U.S. Air Force.

What is Certified Professional environmental Auditor?

BGC issues the Certified Professional Environmental Auditor (CPEA®) designation. The CPEA credential demonstrates one’s understanding of today’s ever-changing environmental, health & safety regulations. The CPEA designation is fully accredited by the Council on Engineering and Scientific Specialty Boards (CESB).

What is the most common third party environmental certification?

When it comes to third party certifications, the three names we recommend are Green Seal, UL ECOLOGO® and the EPA’s Safer Choice program. These third party certifications have been around the longest, have health promoting criteria and are regulated by respected third-party organizations.

What certification provides reassurance that a product is environmentally friendly?

EcoLogo. The Canadian EcoLogo (also known as Environmental Choice) helps you identify products and services that have been independently certified to meet strict environmental standards that reflect their entire life cycle — from manufacturing to disposal.

Why is environmental certification important?

The benefit of environmental certification for consumers is that they can purchase products with the knowledge of the company’s environmental standards and procedures, therefore giving the general public the option to consume in an ethical way.

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What is involved in environmental audit?

Environmental auditing is a systematic, documented, periodic and objective process in assessing an organization’s activities and services in relation to: Assessing compliance with relevant statutory and internal requirements. Facilitating management control of environmental practices.

What are the types of environmental audit?

There are three main types of audits which are environmental compliance audits, environmental management audits to verify whether an organisation meets its stated objectives, and, functional environmental audits such as for water and electricity.

What is environmental financial audit?

Originated in the United States in the early 1970s, the term “environmental audit” means different things to different people. … Basically, environmental audit is an independent evaluation of policy and principles, systems, procedures, practices and performance, and other elements of a business relating to environment.