Which gasses have a significant influence on climate quizlet?

Carbon dioxide (CO2) has a significant influence on weather and climate because of its ability to absorb infrared radiation.

Which type of gases has the most influence on weather?

Water vapor is the gas that has the most effect on weather conditions in an air mass. Water vapor has an influence on both precipitation and air temperature. The amount of water vapor in the atmosphere is highly variable in different places on Earth.

What are the most important gases for weather and climate quizlet?

water vapor and carbon dioxide are the primary absorbing gases, with water vapor absorbing around 60 percent of the radiation emitted by Earth. Therefore, water vapor accounts for the warm temperatures of the lower troposphere.

Which gas plays the most important role in the atmosphere?

The table indicates that nitrogen and oxygen are the main components of the atmosphere by volume. Together these two gases make up approximately 99% of the dry atmosphere. Both of these gases have very important associations with life.

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Why does carbon dioxide have a significant influence on climate quizlet?

Why does carbon dioxide have a significant influence on climate? It is an effective absorber of infrared radiation. … UV-B and UV-C radiation splits oxygen molecules into oxygen atoms where they combine with other oxygen molecules to form ozone.

Which two factors have the greatest effect on climate?

The two most important factors in the climate of an area are temperature and precipitation. The yearly average temperature of the area is obviously important, but the yearly range in temperature is also important.

How does greenhouse gases affect climate?

Greenhouse gases are transparent to incoming (short-wave) radiation from the sun but block infrared (long-wave) radiation from leaving the earth’s atmosphere. This greenhouse effect traps radiation from the sun and warms the planet’s surface.

How do variable gases affect the climate?

Water vapor and carbon dioxide are the most important of the variable gases because (1) they are the most abundant variable gases and (2) they both act as greenhouse gases, due to their ability to absorb infrared (IR) radiation, which causes the Earth’s surface to be warmer than if there was no atmosphere.

What are variable gasses?

These variable components include water vapor, dust particles, and ozone. Although these are found in small amounts, they can have significant effects on weather and climate. Water Vapor. The amount of water is the atmosphere varies between 1 and 4%.

Which gas is a variable gas in the atmosphere quizlet?

Important variable gases are carbon dioxide, water vapor, and ozone.

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Which gas is most abundant in environment?

Nitrogen is the most abundant gas in the Earth’s atmosphere. Oxygen is the second most abundant gas.

What gases make up the atmosphere?

Earth’s atmosphere is composed of about 78 percent nitrogen, 21 percent oxygen, 0.9 percent argon, and 0.1 percent other gases. Trace amounts of carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor, and neon are some of the other gases that make up the remaining 0.1 percent.

Who is gas plays the main role in the greenhouse effect?

Main Greenhouse Gases

Greenhouse gas Major sources
Carbon Dioxide Fossil fuel combustion; Deforestation; Cement production
Methane Fossil fuel production; Agriculture; Landfills
Nitrous Oxide Fertilizer application; Fossil fuel and biomass combustion; Industrial processes
Chlorofluorocarbon-12 (CFC-12) Refrigerants