Quick Answer: What are the two main environmental worldviews?

Some environmental worldviews are human- centered (anthropocentric), focusing primarily on the needs and wants of people; others are life- or earth- centered (biocentric), focusing on individual species, the entire biosphere, or some level in between, as shown in Figure 25-3.

What are environmental worldviews?

If a worldview is in regards to the environment, it is called an environmental worldview and defined as collective beliefs and values that give people a sense of how the world works, their role in the environment, and right and wrong behaviors toward the environment.

What are the four environmental worldviews?

There are three major types of environmental worldviews: anthropocentric (human-centered), biocentric (life-centered), or ecocentric (earth-centered).

What are the two major human-centered environmental worldviews quizlet?

Life-centered and earth-centered worldviews: People with a life-centered worldview believe humans have an ethical responsibility to avoid causing the premature extinction of species.

What is the environmental wisdom worldview?

environmental worldview. How people think the world works, what they think their role in the world should be, and what they believe is right and wrong environmental behavior (environmental ethics). human-centered environmental worldviews.

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What is your environmental worldview and why?

Your environmental worldview is how you think the world works, what you think your role in the world should be, and what you believe is right and wrong environmental behavior (environmental ethics). Environmental philosophers normally divide values into two types.

What is earth centered environmental worldview?

Earth-Centered Environmental Worldview

This worldview follows the beliefs that: Nature exists for all the earth’s species and we are not in charge of the earth. … We should encourage earth- sustaining forms of economic growth and discourage earth-degrading forms of economic growth.

Which of the following environmental worldviews is the most human centric?

The planetary management worldview is the human-centered environmental worldview that guides most industrial societies. Variations include the no-problems school, the free-market school, the responsible planetary management school, the spaceship school, and the stewardship school.

What is the overlapping goal between these two extreme worldviews?

Why is there an overlapping goal between the two extreme worldviews? Both believe in conserving human and nonhuman life.

What is an Ecocentric view?

What is ecocentrism? Ecocentrism finds inherent (intrinsic) value in all of nature. It takes a much wider view of the world than does anthropocentrism, which sees individual humans and the human species as more valuable than all other organisms.

What is an environmental worldview quizlet?

Worldview holding that humans are part of and totally dependent on nature and that nature exists for all species, not just for us. … Our success depends on learning how the earth sustains itself and integrating such environmental wisdom into the ways we think and act. You just studied 11 terms!

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Which worldview sees humans as the planet’s most important species?

Planetary management focus its attention on humans needs and wants, while stewardship aim at the benefit of humans, organisms and ecosystems of the Earth: in other words, planetary management considers humans as the most important species in the Earth, while stewardship and environmental wisdom consider all the species …

What was the major point learned in the 1991 Biosphere 2 experiment quizlet?

What was the major point learned in the 1991 Biosphere 2 experiment? Humans cannot engineer life-supporting systems as well as nature. … Success is learning how nature sustains itself and integrating this into our actions.