Question: How does pollution contribute towards ecological imbalance?

Air pollution affects ecosystems in a number of ways, altering basic ecosystem functions such as primary production (plant growth) and biogeochemical cycling which in turn affect the ecosystem services and therefore the benefits that humans get from the environment such as timber, clean drinking water and an …

How does pollution affect the ecological balance Brainly?

Pollution is the reason for instability of environment and imbalance in ecology which if goes untreated might result in some permanent damage. Pollution results in declining of the natural resources and damaging the environment thus affecting the life cycles on earth.

How are ecological imbalance caused?

The human-induced disturbances such as overexploitation, habitat destruction, pollution, bio-invasion and climate change affect the livelihood of fishers. The pressure on the marine resources is increasing steadily resulting in overexploitation.

How will you maintain ecological balance?

Recycle to help prevent the over-harvesting of natural resources. Conserve energy by choosing more energy efficient appliances and automobiles. If everybody uses less energy, pollution decreases and less coal gets used to power the nation and the world.

How does pollution affect the population community and ecosystem?

For example: pollutants such as sulfur can lead to excess levels of acid in lakes and streams, and damage trees and forest soils; atmospheric nitrogen can reduce the biodiversity of plant communities and harm fish and other aquatic life; ozone damages tree leaves and negatively affects scenic vistas in protected …

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What are the four factors causing ecological imbalance?



What is an ecosystem explain any two reasons of ecological imbalance?

Ecosystem is a community of biotic and abiotic components in the environment. two reasons of ecological imbalance are. killing of animals. cutting down of trees. lot of pollution.

What is ecological imbalance?

Ecological imbalance is when a natural- or human-caused disturbance disrupts the natural balance of an ecosystem. The balance of an ecosystem can be disrupted by natural or human-caused disturbances. If a species disappears or a new species is introduced it can shift an ecosystem to a state of ecological imbalance.

What is your role in maintaining ecological imbalance?

Human being plays a key role to maintain ecological balance because they have the highest thinking capacity as compared to other living organisms. Sufficient food availability to all living organisms and their stability reflect the existence of ecological balance. … They get enough food to keep them alive.

What human activities may lead to imbalance in ecosystem?

There are five major ways that business activity can threaten ecosystems: climate change, pollution, habitat destruction, overexploitation, and introduction of invasive species.