Frequent question: What do Superdrug recycle?

Are Superdrug still recycling blister packs?

Well we’ve got great news for you! We’ve teamed up with brands Anadin, Panadol, Nurofen, Gaviscon, Rennie, Buscopan & Dulcolax and TerraCycle UK to include collection boxes in every Superdrug Pharmacy, so you can recycle your empty medicine blister packets.

Are Superdrug collecting empty tablet strips?

Superdrug are accepting empty tablet strip packs working in conjunction with TerraCycle who will convert the packaging into reusable raw materials preventing empty packs spending a lifetime in landfill.

Who collects empty blister packs?

TerraCycle has partnered with biopharmaceutical company Sanofi, the maker of Buscopan and Dulcolax, to launch a new initiative that allows consumers to recycle their empty medicine blister packs.

Can you recycle foil pill packets?

Laure Cucuron, General Manager for TerraCycle Europe adds: “Blister packs are made of a complex mix of difficult-to-recycle materials required to protect medicines, including plastic and aluminium foil, which are not accepted by most council recycling systems so end up in household waste.

Can I recycle blister packs UK?

Recycle your blister packs at Superdrug!

With support from familiar household brands, including Rennie, you can now go to Superdrug and recycle empty medicine blister packs into dedicated recycling bins so blister packs don’t end up in a landfill for decades, or even centuries, to come.

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How do you dispose of empty pill packets?

Foil pieces MUST be formed into a fist sized ball, so combine with any other foil you collect so they stay together. Some medicines, like aspirin, come completely in foil, or completely in plastic, which is far easier to recycle in kerbside programs.

Can pill strips be recycled?

​​Yes, blister packs are recyclable (for example with machines like this one) but chances are there’s no recycling company in your area that will accept and recycle it unless you are able to separate the different materials yourself.

Are plastic blister packs recyclable?

Blister packs aren’t made with recycling in mind, so it’s best to avoid buying items that come in blister packaging whenever possible.

Do Boots recycle blister packs?

The retailer has promised that none of the products deposited will be sent to landfill or incinerated. However, due to safety reasons, Boots cannot accept aerosols, perfume bottles, nail polish bottles, hair dyes, brow and lash tints, razors, vitamin or supplement blister packs and electrical items.

Can I recycle inhalers?

Inhalers can’t be recycled from home and you shouldn’t throw them in the bin either. All used inhalers should be returned to your nearest pharmacy for them to dispose of safely. Inhalers are thermally treated to destroy the greenhouse gases.

How do I dispose of old medicine Boots UK?

How to dispose of unwanted medicines

  1. Return them to a pharmacy or chemist for safe disposal.
  2. Do not flush medicines down the toilet.
  3. The cardboard box that houses the blister packs can be recycled, as can any paper inserts.
  4. Visit our What To Do With Inhalers page to find out how to recycle inhalers.
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What happens recycled makeup?

Once collected by our recycling partner Terracycle, the makeup empties are separated by polymer type, cleaned and then extruded into plastic pellets to make new recycled products.