Your question: Which zone makes up the most biodiversity?

Where would you find the most biodiversity?

5 of the Most Biodiverse Countries in the World

  1. Brazil. Brazil is considered THE most biodiverse country on the planet – where one-tenth of the world’s overall species call home. …
  2. China. …
  3. Peru. …
  4. Mexico. …
  5. Ecuador.

Which aquatic zone has the most biodiversity?

In clear and warm coastal waters of tropics and subtropics, coral reefs may form. Coral reefs are the most biologically divers aquatic life zones. In coral reefs many species live and interact with one another in complex ecological relationships. An example of a large coral reef is the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Which region has greatest diversity?

Species diversity is greatest in the tropics, particularly in tropical forests and coral reefs. The Amazon basin in South America has the largest area of tropical forests.

Which ocean zone has the least biodiversity?

The arctic regions of the world have the least biodiversity because plants don’t survive in the extreme cold and ice that cover these regions year-round.

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