Your question: Can you recycle shredded paper Ontario?

Is shredded paper recyclable in Ontario?

Shredded paper is accepted in either the green bin or blue box. … Loose shredded paper or shredded paper in a garbage bag will not be collected in the recycling bin.

Can you recycle paper that has been shredded?

Books are good, shredded paper is bad

All paper can be recycled except the really small stuff like shredded paper.

Can shredded paper be recycled Canada?

Please do not put shredded paper in your blue bag or bin, please take it to a Recycling Depot (in the low-grade paper bin) or put it in your garbage.

What bag do I put shredded paper in to recycle?

Shredded paper must be placed in paper or recyclable plastic bags, then the bags must be stapled or taped closed and recyclable plastic bags must be tied closed.

How do you throw out shredded paper?

The best form of disposing of shredded paper for recycling is to put it in a clear paper bag to prevent it from mixing with the rest of the rubbish. This enables the recycling companies to collect the different shredded papers and pile them into bales which is easier for transportation.

Why can’t I put shredded paper in recycling?

Shredded paper can be recycled, but not all local councils will collect it for recycling, as some paper mills can’t process it. This is because: Shredding paper weakens it; It could pose problems at paper mills e.g. maintenance and fire hazard issues.

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