You asked: Which of the following describes the flow of energy and nutrients in an ecosystem?

What is the flow of nutrients in an ecosystem?

The cyclic flow of nutrients within an ecosystem is called as the biogeochemical cycle. A continuous transfer of nutrients which are necessary for the growth of organisms occurs from abiotic to biotic factors and biotic to abiotic factors in an ecosystem.

Which of the following describes the flow of energy in an ecosystem?

Answer: Energy flows through an ecosystem in only one direction. Energy is passed from organisms at one trophic level or energy level to organisms in the next trophic level. … Organisms need it for growth, locomotion, heating themselves, and reproduction.

How does energy flow in an ecosystem quizlet?

Energy flows through an ecosystem in a 1-way stream, from primary producers to various consumers. … Producers receive chemicals from light rays, 1st-level consumers eat producers, 2nd-level consumers eat 1st-level consumers, and 3rd-level consumers eat 2nd-level consumers.

What are the differences between flow of nutrients and flow of energy in an ecosystem describe in your own words?

Chemical nutrients and energy tend to flow in the same direction for most of an ecosystem, but the main difference is that the nutrient cycle is recycled in the ecosystem while the energy flow is ultimately lost from the ecosystem to the universe at large. In the ecosystem, energy comes from the sun.

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Is energy flow in an ecosystem is cyclic?

Explanation: Flow of nutrients through an ecosystem is cyclic. This cyclic flow sees nutrients move from one trophic level to another trophic level all the way up and then back down.

Why energy flows in one way in an ecosystem?

energy flow through an ecosystem is one way, because when the energy enters the plants (from the sun) during photosynthesis. This energy is then passed on from one organism to another in a food chain but it does not come back. Thus energy flow in an ecosystem is unindirectional.

Why do nutrients cycle but energy flows?

It means that energy which is absorbed by the producers from sun and is converted into chemical energy, always flow from a lower trophic level to a higher trophic level as in a food chain when herbivore consumes producers the energy is transferred from producers to consumers and so on.

What describes the flow of energy through a food chain?

Food chains describe the flow of energythrough an ecosystem. Primary producers pump energy into an ecosystem from an environmental source, and this energy is then passed from one organism to the next.

How will you describe the flow of energy in food chain?

Primary producers use energy from the sun to produce their own food in the form of glucose, and then primary producers are eaten by primary consumers who are in turn eaten by secondary consumers, and so on, so that energy flows from one trophic level, or level of the food chain, to the next.

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