Why it becomes necessary of create community biodiversity registers?

What is the advantage of people’s biodiversity register?

PBR also provides the information on Local Biodiversity Hotspots, Sacred Groves, and Other biologically significant areas, locally endemic and endangered Species.. PBR can also focus on Life scape diversity of People, their knowledge and expectation, special features such as rituals ecological history of the area.

What is biodiversity registers?

Peoples’ Biodiversity Register is a document which contains comprehensive information on locally available Bio-resources including landscape and demography of a particular area or village.

What is PBR in environmental science?

People’s Biodiversity Registers (PBR) document folk knowledge of status, uses, history, ongoing changes and forces driving changes in biodiversity resources, gainers and losers in these processes and people’s perceptions of how these resources should be managed.

What is PBR in biology?

According to the terms of the biological sciences,the full form of the abbreviation PBR is “People’s biodiversity register.” It is a document which contains the local information of the biodiversity present in every particular regions.

What is genetic diversity and biodiversity?

Biodiversity is increased by genetic change and evolutionary processes and reduced by habitat destruction, population decline and extinction. … Genetic Diversity is the diversity of genetic characteristics (expressed or recessive) within a species (i.e. between individuals and populations of the same species).

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How can we preserve biodiversity?

6 Ways to Preserve Biodiversity

  1. Support local farms. …
  2. Save the bees! …
  3. Plant local flowers, fruits and vegetables. …
  4. Take shorter showers! …
  5. Respect local habitats. …
  6. Know the source!

What do you mean by gamma diversity?

Gamma diversity is a measure of the overall diversity for the different ecosystems within a region. Hunter (2002: 448) defines gamma diversity as “geographic-scale species diversity”. In the example in Table, the total number of species for the three ecosystems 14, which represent the gamma diversity.

What genes are related to biodiversity?

Genetic Biodiversity refers to the variety of genetic characteristics involved in the genetic makeup of a species, it is the diversity within the species which acts as the major reason for the distinguishing characteristic expressed by each individual.

Which is the biodiversity district of Kerala?

The People’s Biodiversity Register (PBR) has been prepared for all the local bodies in Wayanad, making it the first district in Kerala to have completed the process.

What is biodiversity management?

Management for biodiversity conservation requires that it be built into all aspects of management through: … Inventory. Setting aside important biodiversity areas. Managing appropriately to promote and enhance those resources.

What is biodiversity survey?

The Biodiversity Surveys provide detailed information about biodiversity and community structure. These surveys were designed to measure diversity and abundance of algae and invertebrates found within rocky intertidal communities on the western coast of temperate North America.