Why do landfills Use plastic liners?

Why are landfills lined with plastic?

The theory behind landfills is that once waste is buried, the contamination remains inert in landfill “cells.” To keep the waste dry and contained, landfill cells today are required to have two plastic liners, each backed with synthetic clay, putting a few inches between decomposing trash and the soil beneath it.

What is the purpose of a landfill liner?

Landfill liners are specially designed and crafted for that purpose to avoid certain liquids from garbage and waste from seeping further into the soil to contaminate groundwater and the surrounding environment.

What is the purpose of lining a landfill with either plastic or concrete?

Municipal solid waste (MSW) landfill – uses a synthetic (plastic) liner to isolate the trash from the environment. The purpose of a landfill is to bury he trash in such a way that it will be isolated from groundwater, will be kept dry and will not be in contact with air.

What is the primary advantage of using a liner in the landfill?

The main objective of installing a bottom liner system in a landfill is to prevent groundwater contamination by creating an impenetrable protective barrier between the landfill waste pile and the underlying soil and groundwater.

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How do landfills pollute groundwater?

Once in the landfill, chemicals can leach into the ground water by means of precipitation and sur- face runoff. New landfills are required to have clay or synthetic liners and leachate (liquid from a landfill containing contaminants) collection sys- tems to protect ground water.

Why are most modern landfills lined with clay?

The bottom of a modern landfill is typically lined with compacted clay dense enough to prevent liquids from penetrating it.

Why is gravel used in landfills?

Liquid caused by decomposing garbage or rainwater that has filtered through the landfill is called leachate. … A one-foot layer of sand and/or gravel provides a protective cover for the liner and improves the drainage of the liquids into the filtering system.