Which is the best example of an environmental variation?

What’s an environmental variation?

the ability of an organism to alter greatly its PHENOTYPE depending upon environmental conditions. The phenomenon is seen most clearly in plants, perhaps because they are fixed in the ground.

Which of the following is an example of variation?

Answer: examples of genetic variation include eye colour ,blood type ,camouflage in animals and leaf modification in plants.

How do you identify environmental variation?

Environmental variation can generally be identified if the variation disappears when both variant and normal plants are transplanted to a common environment. Therefore this is a test that should be performed [to aid in determining the cause of variation.]

How do environmental factors cause variation?

Environmental causes of variation

Characteristics of animal and plant species can be affected by factors such as climate, diet, accidents, culture and lifestyle. … Another example is that of a plant that grows in the shade of a big tree – it will grow taller to reach more light.

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What is an example of environmental variation in humans?

Environmental Variation

For example, environmental variations in humans could be: Hair length – what length you choose to have your hair. Scars – caused by accidents personal to you. Muscle strength – dependent on how much exercise you do.

What are examples of environmental traits?

Examples of environmental traits are your favorite music, being a good basketball player, and the language you speak. These traits are environmental traits because they are traits that you choose or learn, or that are influenced by the place you live. Explore the inherited traits and learned behaviors of a classmate.

Which of the following is an example of environmental variation?

Variation caused by the surroundings is called environmental variation . Here are some other examples of features that show environmental variation: flower colour in hydrangeas (these plants produce blue flowers in acidic soil and pink flowers in alkaline soil)

What are variations explain with suitable examples?

Answer : Variation can be defined as the differences among individuals within the same species which develops due to the mixing and assortment of genes of the parents that is passed onto the offspring’s. For example, we keep pets like dogs and cats.

What are the 4 types of variation?

Examples of types of variation include direct, inverse, joint, and combined variation.

What is environmental variation in evolution?

The differences in characteristics between individuals of the same species is called variation . Some variation is passed on from parents to offspring, via genes during reproduction. … This is called environmental variation.

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Is a suntan environmental variation?

What is environmental variation? Variation depends on changes in the surroundings and / or lifestyle e.g. suntan, language, scars.

What are environmental characteristics?

Environmental characteristics include dependencies, competition and uncertainty. … It is suggested that the creation of appropriate climates and structural design as responses to environmental pressures may be considered as complementary strategies in an attempt to maintain administrative control.

Can there be environmental variation between identical twins?

The differences between identical twins increase as they age, because environmentally triggered changes accumulate. But twins can also begin their lives with differences, according to Bruder’s study, and that calls into question their very name.

How does the environment affect variation in plants?

If any environmental factor is less than ideal, it limits a plant’s growth and/or distribution. … In other cases, environmental stress weakens a plant and makes it more susceptible to disease or insect attack. Environmental factors that affect plant growth include light, temperature, water, humidity, and nutrition.