Which agro climatic zones of India?

How many agro climatic zones are there in Andhra Pradesh?

Now it is divided into seven sub-agro climatic zones. Krishna-Godavari, North Costal, Southern, Northern Telangana, Southern Telangana, Scarce rainfall Zone of Rayalaseema and High Altitude Tribal Zones. Categories of soils in Andhra Pradesh are Black, Alluvial, Loamy Clay, Sandy and Laterite soils.

How many agro climatic zones are there in India as far as the official Categorisation of the Ministry of Agriculture is concerned?

Correct Option: B. India has been divided into fifteen different agroclimatic zones by the Planning Commission of India, which are further divided into more homogeneous 72 sub-zones.

How many zones are in AP State?

Districts in Zones

AP PSC is divided into 6 zones. Each zone has few districts in them. Follow is the list of districts that fall under which zones. Ranga Reddy, Nizamabad, Mahaboobnagar, Medak and Nalgonda.

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