What is a habitat Toppr?

What is habitat class 11 biology?

A habitat is a place or an environmental area where animals, plants and other organisms live and depend on their habitat for their food, water, air, shelter and different needs.

What is habitat short answer type question?

The place where organisms live and which provide food and safety for them is ‘called habitat.

What is a habitat Class 7?

Answer: A habitat is a natural environment where an organism lives. It is basically the address of an organism. Different plants and animals live in different habitats.

What is habitat briefly Class 6?

The place (or surroundings) where a plant or animal lives is called its habitat. A habitat provides food, water, air, light, shelter (protection), and a place for breeding to the plants and animals living in it. A habitat provides everything to the organisms which they need to live.

What is habitat in science class 12?

A habitat is a natural environment for a specific species where it can find food, shelter, and mates for copying. Complete answer: The surrounding where living organisms survive is understood as habitat.

What does habitat and Class 7 mean?

Answer: Habitat is the natural environment of an organism and it is the place where it grows and proceeds its life , it is the place where an organism is found.

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What is habitat Mcq?

Habitat is a special environment of an organism.

What is habitat and adaptation?

Habitat is the physical place where an organism lives, eat, sleep and reproduce, whereas the adaptation is the change in the physical, genetic and environment of the animal, which make it fit for the survival.