What environmental problem did Rachel Carson bring to the forefront of society?

How did Rachel Carson affect the environment?

She challenged the use of man-made chemicals, and her research led to the nationwide ban on DDT and other pesticides. Her environmental movement also eventually led to the creation of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), according to the National Women’s Museum.

What environmental issue was targeted in Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring What was the outcome of her efforts?

Rachel Carson’s message was about the potential environmental damage from use of pesticides. She was particularly concerned about the long-term effects of pesticides, which were unknown at the time she was writing. She aimed her message at the average citizen rather than at scientists.

How did Silent Spring shape the environmental movement quizlet?

what forces gave rise to the environmental movement, and what impact did it have? Research published in Silent Spring, accidents caused by environmental problems, and awareness events such as Earth Day gave rise to the environmental movement and led to widespread popular support for protecting the environment.

What was John Muir’s belief about nature?

Muir shared his love of nature through writing and inspired people to protect our country’s wild places, fueling the formation of the National Park Service and the modern conservation movement. Muir’s passion for nature brought him to every continent except Antarctica.

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Why are environmental movements important?

The environmental movement has sought to protect the natural world through a number of initiatives, including reducing pollution, conserving natural resources, preventing endangered species from becoming extinct, and shielding natural areas from destruction or overdevelopment.