What ecosystem services do mangroves provide?

What are some of the ecosystem services provided by mangrove forests quizlet?

What ecosystem services do mangrove forests provide? Provide significant amounts of primary production to local food web (falling leaves). Roots support a diverse community of marine inverts. Natural buffer against wave action, storm surge, and erosion.

How are mangrove ecosystems managed?

Actions we can take include: establishing buffer zones between coastal habitats and adjacent development. identifying and protecting areas where coastal habitats can retreat with sea level rise. fencing along the intertidal zone to prevent livestock access.

How mangroves provide a clean environment for aquaculture?

The current government policy supports and encourages foreign investment in shrimp culture. Mangrove area is one of the most productive areas, for it helps maintain the food web in aquatic environment, protects the soil, moderates salinity, and provides timber, fuel wood, charcoal and a range of non-forest products.

Which ecological services do mangroves provide select all that apply?

Mangroves provide important provisioning (e.g., timber and food, including fisheries production), regulating (e.g., climate regulation, water purification, coastal protection, erosion control), cultural (e.g., recreation, aesthetic value, spiritual value), and supporting (e.g., nutrient cycling) services to millions of …

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Which of the following is an example of an economic service provided by marine ecosystems quizlet?

What are some economic services that marine ecosystems provide? animal and pet feed, pharmaceuticals, harbors and transportation routes, coastal habitats for humans, recreation, employment, oil and natural gas, minerals, and building materials.

Where do Mangrove forests grow quizlet?

Mangrove forests thrive near the mouths of large rivers where river deltas provide lots of sediment. They grow in more tropical climates.

Why are coral reefs and mangroves important?

Together the coral reef and mangrove ecosystems form a barrier that protects shorelines from the destructive forces of wind, waves and driven debris. These living structures decrease the erosion and physical damage that can often impose significant economic and environmental costs on coastal communities.

What are the 4 main threats to the mangrove ecosystem?

By addressing four key threats to both manatees and mangroves, they can thrive for generations to come.

  • Unsustainable Coastal Development and Infrastructure. …
  • Poor Farm and Water Management Upstream. …
  • Irresponsible Fishing and Aquaculture.