What care must be taken for the disposal of biological waste from pathological laboratories and hospitals?

What care must be taken for the disposal of of biological waste from pathological laboratories and hospitals?

Answer: While disposing of biological waste from pathological laboratories and hospitals, the following precautions must be taken (i) We should cover our mouth and nose with layers of fabric that can filter out noxious fumes but still allow breathing. (ii) We should wear gloves while handling such waste.

How do you dispose biological wastes in the laboratory?

Liquid biological waste should be collected in containers for autoclaving or chemical disinfection. Autoclaved or chemically disinfected liquid wastes can be disposed via the laboratory sink. Do not pour melted agarose down the drain.

How do you dispose of biological waste?

Biological liquid waste can be poured down the drain (sanitary sewer), under running water after it has been decontaminated by autoclave or chemical means. Human or animal blood and body fluids do not need to be disinfected before being poured down the drain.

How should we dispose of waste which is contaminated with blood or tissue fluid?

All of the used powder should be scraped up and placed inside a biohazard waste bag or sack. Any contaminated materials, such as bedding or clothing, should also be bagged separately for laundry or disposal. If soiled clothes are laundered, this should be done as a separate load.

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What must we do when disposing waste materials?

There are four tiers to waste management to reduce its environmental impact: pollution prevention and source reduction; reuse or redistribution of unwanted, surplus materials; treatment, reclamation, and recycling of materials within the waste; and disposal through incineration, treatment, or land burial.

How general waste is disposed of by hospital?

Apart from incineration (used for pathological and pharmaceutical waste disposal),there are other biomedical waste disposal methods, like autoclave chambers (sharps and infectious waste disposal),or the use of a medical waste shredder.