What are the types of truck used to collection of solid waste?

How do you transport solid waste?

Dump Trucks and Trailers

Perhaps the vehicle most commonly associated with the transportation of solid waste, dump trucks are used to collect waste and transport it to transfer stations, or directly to the landfills and recycling plants to be unloaded.

What are different types of vehicles used for collecting wastes?

A waste collection vehicle is more generally known as garbage truck and dustbin lorry.

Waste Collection Vehicle

  • Front loaders.
  • Rear Loaders.
  • ASL(automated side Loaders)
  • Pneumatic collection.
  • Grapple Trucks.

What are the different types of solid waste?

Types of Solid Wastes

  • Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)
  • Construction and Demolition Debris.
  • Industrial/Commercial Waste.
  • Hazardous Waste Lamps.
  • Regulated Medical Waste.
  • Used Electronic Equipment.
  • Used Oil.
  • Waste Tires.

What are the methods of loading the solid waste on the vehicle?

Method of loading the solid waste on the vehicle:

directly lifting and carrying of container.

What are the types of collection system?

Based on their mode of operation, collection systems are classified into two categories: hauled-container systems and stationary-container systems.

  • Hauled-Container Systems (HCS): …
  • Stationary-Container Systems (SCS): …
  • Collection Routes: …
  • Layout of Routes: …
  • Schedules: …
  • Transfer and transport: …
  • Transfer Station:
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