What are the major control of weather and climate explain?

What are the major controls of the climate explain?

Pressure and winds: Pressure and wind system of an area depend on the latitude and altitude of the place. Thus, it influences the temperature and rainfall pattern. … Ocean currents: Ocean currents alongwith the onshore winds affect the climate of a coastal area.

What are the seven controls of weather and climate?

The seven dominant controls of weather and climate are latitude, Distribution of Land and Water, General Circulation of the Atmosphere, General Circulation of the Oceans, Altitude, Topographic Barriers, and Storms.

What are the major controls of the climate of India explain them?

Climatic Controls

Latitude: As the earth is round, sunlight does not reach everywhere equally. … Altitude: As we move from the surface of the earth to the higher altitudes, the temperature decreases. Pressure and wind system: The pressure and wind system of any area depend on the latitude and altitude of that place.

What are the climatic controls of India?

The climate and related weather conditions in India are controlled by the following atmospheric conditions: Pressure and surface winds, Upper air circulation, Western cyclonic disturbances and tropical cyclones. The earth’s rotation causes the Coriolis force, which tends to turn the flow of air.

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What are the controls of climate and weather?

Weather and climate are controlled by the heat that is passed between the atmosphere, the air, and the ocean. By absorbing heat, the ocean helps to keep the weather balanced around the world.

What are the controlling factors of climate and weather?

The three main factors of weather are light (solar radiation), water (moisture) and temperature.

What are the elements and controls of weather and climate?

Both weather and climate are composed of the following elements: temperature, air pressure, humidity, wind, sunshine, precipitation etc.

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What are climate controls explain how are they influence the climate and weather?

Climate describes the long-term pattern of weather that generally prevails over an area. … The factors affecting the climate of a place are referred to as controls and are latitude, altitude, pressure and wind system, distance from the sea, ocean currents, and relief features.

Which of the following climatic controls is the most important?

Latitude. Latitude is the most important climatic control, due to the effect it has on the amount of solar radiation reaching the Earth’s surface.