Quick Answer: Is Nature Climate Change journal reputable?

Is Nature journal reputable?

Nature was one of the world’s most cited scientific journals by the Science Edition of the 2019 Journal Citation Reports (with an ascribed impact factor of 42.778), making it one of the world’s most-read and most prestigious academic journals.

Is Nature Climate Change a journal?

Nature Climate Change is a monthly journal dedicated to publishing the most significant and cutting-edge research on the nature, underlying causes or impacts of global climate change and its implications for the economy, policy and the world at large.

Is nature a high impact journal?

Nature has the highest impact factor of any journal publishing basic scientific research.

Is nature a scholarly journal?

Popular magazines like Discover, Fortune, Newsweek, and Psychology Today don’t publish scholarly or research articles; journals like Nature, Journal of the American Medical Association, Media Studies Journal, and Behavioral Science do. …

Is Nature journal peer-reviewed?

Nature is a weekly international journal publishing the finest peer-reviewed research in all fields of science and technology on the basis of its originality, importance, interdisciplinary interest, timeliness, accessibility, elegance and surprising conclusions.

Which journal is better science or nature?

Nature is probably the most prestigious by a nose; it’s a peer-reviewed scientific journal, and in the past has published hundreds of papers that have gone on to change the world. Science is a little less famous, but is also a very well-respected journal publishing peer-reviewed papers.

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Is Nature Climate Change Open Access?

Nature Climate Change is a Transformative Journal; authors can publish using the traditional publishing route OR via immediate gold Open Access. Our Open Access option complies with funder and institutional requirements.

Is nature the reason for climate change?

Natural causes of climate change

The earth has gone through warming and cooling phases in the past, long before humans were around. Forces that can contribute to climate change include the sun’s intensity, volcanic eruptions, and changes in naturally occurring greenhouse gas concentrations.

What is the highest impact factor journal?

Journals with High Impact Factor

  • CA- A Cancer Journal for Clinicians | 435,4.
  • Natural Review Materials | 123,7.
  • Quarterly Journal of Economics | 22,7.
  • Nature Reviews Genetics | 73,5.
  • Cell | 58,7.
  • Journal of Political Economy | 12,1.
  • New England Journal of Medicine | 66,1.
  • Econometrica | 8,1.

How good is nature scientific reports?

Based on my experience, this journal is very good for publishing interdisciplinary research works and the papers in this journal are highly noticed by researchers. Also, the Nature publisher is a very important factor that you should consider in your’s decision.

Are Nature partner journals good?

The answer is a resounding no, they don’t carry the same reputation. The npj journals are quite clearly on a lower rung of the prestige ladder. You can easily verify this by comparing the impact factors, which is >40 for Nature, and ~9 for npj Computational Materials, for example.

Does Elsevier own nature?

Springer Nature, formerly known as Springer and the Nature Publishing Group, announced a merger in January of 2015. The new publishing giant produces about 13% of the papers in the scholarly publishing market, still behind Elsevier (23%) (scholarly kitchen).

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Is Springer nature a credible source?

Springer Nature is one of the world’s leading global research, educational and professional publishers, home to an array of respected and trusted brands providing quality content through a range of innovative products and services.