Question: How are coastal ecosystems threatened by people?

What human actions threaten coastal habitats?

Land use and coastal defences

  • Land use and human populations.
  • Coastal industries and constructions.
  • Dredging and dumping at sea.
  • River runoff and load.
  • Groundwater discharge into the coastal waters.
  • Seawater intrusion into the coastal aquifer.
  • Beaches, swimming, recreational boating.
  • Ecotourism.

What are the threats to coastal habitats?

Here are some suggested areas to write about: Litter problems on beaches as hundreds of people cannot be bothered to use bins. Pollution in seas caused by rubbish and oil from ships and sewage. Rock pool life destroyed with children killing creatures or not returning them to their habitat after they have had a look.

What are the human activities that result to destruction of coastal resources?

Increased greenhouse gases from activities like deforestation, and the burning of fossil fuels for heat and energy, cause ocean temperatures to rise, change storm patterns, and contribute to sea level rise. These changes lead to more coral bleaching events, increased storm destruction, and more.

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