How does physical features of North America influences its climate?

What factors influence North American climate regions?

The factors that influence climate are:

  • pressure and wind.
  • ocean currents.
  • mountain barriers.
  • latitude.
  • altitude.
  • land and water distribution [how close to or far from a large body of water]
  • storms.

How has North America affected their environment?

Explanation: Lumbering & forest exploitation is quite common in North America. Every year the unethical breakdown of forests by lumbering companies devastates the environment. The environmental effects of illegal logging include the biodiversity loss, deforestation, & the emission of greenhouse gases.

How did geography influence the development of cultures in North America?

Answer: Because the Great Plains had rivers, various Native American tribes would camp along these rivers while they were following the buffalo. So again, the geography of the area provided this availability of food and places to stay and feed and water their horses.

What are the causes of climatic diversity in North America?

Has an abundance of the glaciers lakes has an arctic cold on the north and has tropical heat in the south. The geographical expanse of land is more in the north as compared to that of tin the southern parts.

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Is North America affected by climate change?

North America has seen severe damage to local economies, ecosystems, and social systems from recent extreme weather, including floods, storms, droughts, heat waves, and wildfires. … North America has more capacity to adapt to climate change than most other continents.

How much does North America contribute to climate change?

The United States produced 6.6 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in 2019, the second largest in the world after greenhouse gas emissions by China and among the countries with the highest greenhouse gas emissions per person.

What is happening to the environment climate of northern North America?

Over the years, the North American region has seen an increase in the rate and magnitude of extreme weather conditions, from rising temperatures to devastating droughts and wildfires. Without drastic action today, adapting to these impacts in the future will be more difficult and costly.