How do you identify if the cause of variation is genetic environmental or both?

How would you know if the cause of variation is genetic or environmental?

Genetic and environmental variation

For example, the weight of a dog is caused partly by its genes – inherited – and partly by what it eats – environmental. The height of a sunflower is caused partly by its genes and partly by how much light and water it gets.

How would you know that the cause of variation is genetic?

Genetic variation within a species can result from a few different sources. Mutations, the changes in the sequences of genes in DNA, are one source of genetic variation. Another source is gene flow, or the movement of genes between different groups of organisms.

How do you identify environmental variation?

Environmental variation can generally be identified if the variation disappears when both variant and normal plants are transplanted to a common environment. Therefore this is a test that should be performed [to aid in determining the cause of variation.]

Is it possible for variation in a trait to be the result of both environmental and genetic variation?

Geographically structured variation in phenotypic traits can result from genetic and environmental factors. … These can include changes in phenotypic plasticity, i.e. the ability of an organism to respond to environmental variation, and in genetic architecture, i.e. the genetic factors underlying trait variation.

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How mutations lead to genetic variations?

Genetic variation can be caused by mutation (which can create entirely new alleles in a population), random mating, random fertilization, and recombination between homologous chromosomes during meiosis (which reshuffles alleles within an organism’s offspring).

Is genetic variation caused by environmental factors?

Genetic variation among plant populations often occurs along different climatic gradients, such as temperature and precipitation gradients (Keller et al., 2011). … Environmental factors are often responsible for the patterns of genetic structure observed at small spatial scales (Sacks, Brown, & Ernest, 2004).

What are 3 reasons to explain genetic variations in meiosis?

Genetic diversity arises due to the shuffling of chromosomes during meiosis.

  • Process of Meiosis. A man produces sperm and a woman produces eggs because their reproductive cells undergo meiosis. …
  • Crossing Over. …
  • Random Segregation. …
  • Independent Assortment.

What is environmental variation?

the ability of an organism to alter greatly its PHENOTYPE depending upon environmental conditions. The phenomenon is seen most clearly in plants, perhaps because they are fixed in the ground.

What are the environmental causes of variation?

Environmental causes of variation

Characteristics of animal and plant species can be affected by factors such as climate, diet, accidents, culture and lifestyle. For example, if you eat too much food you will gain weight, and if you eat too little you will lose weight.

What characteristics are inherited and environmental?

Inherited and environmental causes

Weight and height are common examples of characteristics that are influenced by both genetic and environmental factors.