Frequent question: At which place the tropical monsoon climate is found?

Where is tropical monsoon climate found in India?

India hosts two climatic subtypes- tropical monsoon climate, tropical wet and dry climate that fall under this group. 1) The most humid is the tropical wet climate—also known as tropical monsoon climate—that covers a strip of southwestern lowlands abutting the Malabar Coast, the Western Ghats, and southern Assam.

What is the climate of tropical monsoon region?

Tropical Monsoon Climate

They have a monthly mean temperatures above 18°C in every month of the year and feature wet and dry seasons as described above. Unlike Tropical Wet and Dry Climates however, a Tropical Monsoon Climate experiences greater than 1000mm of rainfall in the year.

Why India’s climate is known as tropical monsoon climate?

Complete Answer: Our country India has a monsoon type of climate because the Indian climate is influenced by the winds which are called monsoon winds. … When these winds blow over the warm oceans, they pick up moisture from these oceans and pick up moisture from them and this results in rainfall in India.

Where the tropical monsoon climate is found in the Southern Hemisphere?

Basically found beyond the equatorial region between 10◦ and 25 ◦ and North and South of the equator.

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Is India tropical monsoon climate?

India has a tropical monsoon climate because most of India lies in the tropical belt and her climate is influenced by the Monsoon winds which mainly blow in the tropics ie. … High temperatures during summers and dry winters are some of the characteristics of the Monsoon types of climate.

What is the main characteristic of tropical monsoon climate?

The tropical monsoon climate has very low precipitation for several months each year (during the dry winter monsoon), but very heavy precipitation during the wet summer monsoon. Rainforests grow here because the dry period is short, and the trees survive off of soil moisture from the abundant summer rains.

Where can one find the monsoon type of climate in Asia?

India, Pakistan, Vietnam and Thailand experience the monsoon type of climate in Asia. Three main features of this type of climate are: Summers are hot with some areas receiving rainfall during this season. The South-West monsoon winds bring rainfall to this region.

What is the most important feature of the tropical monsoon type of climate?

The most important feature of the tropical monsoon type of climate is alternation of Seasons.